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2021 / 11 / 30

Robotic exoskeletons: a perspective for the rehabilitation of stroke patients

Exoskeleton robots have been researched and developed for two decades. They were initially adopted as walking aids for physically challenged people. In recent years, exoskeleton robots have been used in rehabilitation training for stroke patients. With the assistance of exoskeleton robots, patients can have repetitive, precise and intensive standing and walking training.


Dr. Yun-An Tsai mentioned in the article that patients need to have high-intensity and repetitive active exercises during stroke acute phase. It requires patients to make every training position right so as to better facilitate the recovery of neuro connections in the brain.


Dr.I-Hui Lee said that comparing patients undergoing general rehabilitation and those using exoskeleton robots for rehabilitation, it was found that stroke patients who had exoskeleton robot intervention in rehabilitation had a significant increase in the improvement of their limb movements.


In addition, Dr. Ta-Sen Wei pointed out that: "Using exoskeleton robots for rehabilitation is a beneficial treatment for stroke patients to improve the brain neuroplasticity. With both traditional and new technology equipment, the effect of rehabilitation could go better."


In Taiwan, exoskeleton robots have been introduced in more than 30% of medical centers. Meanwhile, the robots were exported to overseas countries as well. They have assisted many patients to regain their standing and walking ability and helped patients to face future challenges with confidence.


Learn more from the rehabilitation professionals:

Dr. I-Hui Lee, Stroke and Neurovascular Center, Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Dr. Yun-An Tsai, Department of Neurosurgery, Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Dr. Ta-Sen Wei, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Changhua Christian Hospital 


✦Original article from Everyday Health Taiwan “Exoskeleton robot helps stroke patients restore their quality of life and help them face the future with confidence!”

Release date:15th Oct. 2021



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