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2021 / 10 / 06

Top 20 great designs in the competition,

FREE Walk, the powered lower-limb exoskeleton has been selected as top 20 great design in the competition, "Friendly Assistive Devices selection for the Disability and the Elderly 2021"!


FREE Bionics has been selected in this competition for three years in a row. It is our honor that our product and efforts were affirmed by the judges. We will keep optimizing our product to make disabilities and elderlies live better. Hopefully, our product, FREE Walk and the services will be available for more and more countries. We are thrilled to provide this new walking solution for people who are in need!  


【 About FREE Bionics 】

spun off from ITRI in 2017. FREE Bionics is the first independent company in Taiwan developing powered exoskeletons, exo-suits and bionic technology products. By supporting or enhancing human strength and mobility in medical and industrial fields, we aimed to increase global working population and human potential. We provide various exoskeleton products and solutions to make people’s life easier and better. 

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