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FREE Bionics is the leading developer of exoskeleton.
By supporting or enhancing human strength on medical
and industrial fields, we aimed to increase global working
population and human potential.



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Walk again, more powerful than before

FREE Walk is designed for people with lower limbs weakness.
Users are able to put on and take off the device independently.
FREE Walk assist users to walk again, with stronger posture.

User-friendly design

Mimic the most natural human gait. Custom fit to the user which can greatly reduce the risks of pressure sores and injuires.

intelligent control

Response to user's intention to move or stop. Provide clear information for users and certified specialists to understand the status of user's training.

Easy to go

Customized luggage for robot transportation. Adjustment for the new user can be done within 5 minutes. Only 2 wrenches are needed for the whole process.

FREE Walk instructions

By pressing the button on the cane, the user can easily sit, stand and walk. By increasing the activities on limbs, life is better and healthier.

Stand up

stand up

  • Before standing, users hold both crutches behind them and provide a slight force forward.

  • While standing up, FREE Walk will provide all the power and support. Only a little forward push with the crutch is needed.

  • Straighten the body naturally when it's close to the completion of the standing motion.

  • After the completion of the standing action, place the crutch naturally in front for easy support.



  • FREE Walk strides the right foot forward.

  • Left hand crutch slightly supports forward, while the right hand crutch moves to the front of right foot to support at 45 degrees.

  • FREE Walk strides the left foot forward.

  • Right hand crutch slightly supports forward, while the left hand crutch moves to the front of left foot to support at about 45 degrees.

Sit down


  • Stand naturally in front of the chair.

  • Swing both crutches rearward for support, tilt the body rearward at about 10 to 15 degrees.

  • FREE Walk will drive the sitting action in position, just keep the body relaxed and natural.

  • After sitting down, tilt both crutches naturally forward.

FREE Walk is designed for whom?

FREE Walk is designed for people with lower limbs weakness. Users can put on and take off independently.
To walk again, to live better, let us walk together!

Medical personnel

Spinal cord injury patient

Stroke patient

Medical personnel

FREE Walk can help medical staff assisting spinal cord injury patients to stand up and to walk easily. Training status and records can be uploaded, which enabled medical personnel to provide customized training program for patients.

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Spinal cord injury patient

Spinal cord injury patient

Help patients with spinal injuries to stand and walk, improve the activity of lower limbs, and improve the health of the body.

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Stroke patient

Stroke patient

For patients with nerve damage and limb weakness, FREE Walk can be used to learn the correct walking habits and improve the quality of movement through different parameter settings.

Medical personnel

User sharing

The fighter

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The first step has been taken, I want to walk farther.



Do I need to meet specific conditions for using FREE Walk?


While using FREE Walk, basic strengh from upper limbs is required. The crutuches needed to be hold so as to keep the body balanced. Other physical factors such as bone density or more detailed physiological conditions, please contact FREE Bionics for consultation.

FREE Bionics has a team with professional physiotherapists. We can assist you with the evalution for using FREE Walk and provide you a wonderful try-on experience.


Where can I have a trial and purchase?


Many countries such as Taiwan and Japan are now open for the order. We also offer rental solutions. You can visit contact us page for more contact informaiton. We will assign agents to help you with try-on and consultation based on your locations.


Do you need to train to use the robot?


Just like driving a car required a driving license, using robot is the same. It takes time to get familiar with the interface of the robot. Generally speaking, after 20 hours of basic trainingunder, certain level of proficiency should be aquired.

FREE Bionicis' training center and cooperative medical center provide training courses, please contact us for more details.


Will the robot fall while using it? How can I get out of the trouble after falling?


FREE Walk is designed with multiple security measures to prevent users from falling. Therefore, when the user falls, FREE Walk will respond in a timely manner. Users will return to standing up position. Meanwhile, there are training courses which included teaching users how to react when emergencies happened.

If the accident did happen, the first thing to do is to confirm the safety of the surroundings. You can untie the straps yourself, and then return to the wheelchair with or without assistance from others. It is suggested to do the inspection afterward so as confirm if there is any injury.