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Su Tian-Zong

The fighter

On April 29, 2011, a traffic accident on the Freeway No.5 injured Tian-Zong’s spine. From that time on, he had been affected by partial paralysis and could not stand nor walk. Tian-Zong’s visual field has shrank from 180 cm standing height to 110 cm while sitting on the wheelchair. At the time when the accident happened he was only 36 years old, the scheduled wedding was forced to cancel due to the event.

In the wheelchair not only makes visiting the supermarket, and department stores inconvenient, it is also impossible to reach things that are relatively high up.” In addition, he said that living with wheelchair still has some difficulty in real life. For example, some restaurants are not fully handicap accessible. “Even if there are only one or two steps, it could create a huge inconvenience for us.” Being in a wheelchair, Tian-Zong often has to ask others for favors. This makes him feel very uncomfortable.



After the incident, Tian-Zong had always wanted to stand up again. When he met FREE Walk, Tian-Zong was finally able to get back on his feet and walk again.Tian-Zong told us his feelings the when he was finally able to walk again with the aid of Free Walk for the first time since the accident. He said, “The thought that I could finally interact with others at the same level instead of always looking upwards, the joy brought tears to my eyes.
Tian-Zong’s father said: “Tian-Zong is much stronger than I imagined him to be. I hope that in my lifetime, I can see him stand up again. Maybe this is his challenge given by God. It gives him a chance to serve and contribute to others in the community. I am very glad and very grateful.

FREE Walk provides power at the hip and knee joints that greatly reduces the energy required for the paraplegics to sit, stand, or to walk. The robot encourages paraplegic’s independence thanks to the design that captures their real-life needs. The robot now is certified, it is now open for purchasing. Providing a new solution for patients.